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Pleasure is healthy. It makes you feel happier, more alive, and gives you energy to fuel your days. Whatever the source you experience pleasure as a bodily sensation that quite literally opens and relaxes you. Our mission at the yOniversity is to help you to create more pleasure in your life.

Many women feel uncomfortable, ‘not right’ and sometimes completely disconnected from the central core of our femininity, our genitals and womb (known collectively in Sanskrit as yOni). At the yOniversity we believe that it is of the utmost importance to our health, well-being and creativity to understand our amazing anatomy, our natural capacity for pleasure and to heal any dis-empowering attitudes we may have had foisted onto us about our glorious feminine parts and our unique erotic persona.

Cutting edge scientific research backs up this viewpoint. Women who feel better about their genitals, feel better about themselves, boost their self-esteem and creativity, reduce depression and help to increase respect for the feminine in our society.

Seminars, Workshops and Individual Programmes

yOniversity founder and facilitator, Laura-Doe, offers individual self paced discovery programmes for men, women and couples, Gentle Genital Trauma Release sessions, a wide range of workshops as well as entertaining and informative presentations for groups and events including her hilarious comic cabaret Vaudeville of the Vulva.

For many of us the issues around women’s capacity for pleasure start with a chronic lack of education about how our bodies are elegantly and naturally designed to experience it! The yOniversity flagship courses and now our groundbreaking DVD about women’s arousal anatomy present the details that have been systematically removed from medical textbooks since the Victorian era. There’s also new research about how our brain and nervous system contribute to pleasure that has only been discovered in the past decade. It is essential information for all women and the men who love them. Get your copy of the DVD here.

Who is Laura-Doe?

Laura-Doe, is an award-winning pleasure and embodiment coach, a passionate sexual health activist and a comedienne singer/songwriter. She has been teaching for over 25 years and has trained with many of the leaders in conscious sexuality. A professional member of ASISSSEAA and ASCSB, Laura-Doe is available to run workshops or give presentations for your group or community. Contact us to discuss her coming to you, or scheduling a workshop around your timeframe. Laura-Doe is also the creatrix of the Absolutely Vulvalicious cushions – amazing and beautiful, 3D educational art pieces.

Individual programmes

Laura-Doe has supported hundreds of people to discover the delight that is our birthright. Her transformational Self Discovery Package is an individually tailored, personalised coaching program, designed to help you discover the wonders of your own pleasure centres at your own unique pace.

It’s like going on a joyful journey to discover what turns you on and why. It’s juicy. It’s fun. And it’s totally non-offensive, designed for people who know that they deserve more pleasure, intimacy and fulfilment. If you’re ready to explore your sexuality in a safe and fun container, if you’re willing to deepen your ability to sense and feel pleasure… this is for you.

Get ready to activate and explore new pathways to pleasure. Laura-Doe will support you to connect with your unique erotic persona, and to progress in your sexual evolution towards the radiant, sensual, love filled being that is your natural state.

Sound good? If you feel called to activate and explore your capability for pleasure, drop us a line here and we’ll set up a no-obligation chat to see if this is a fit for you.

Self Discovery sessions are available via Skype or in person in various parts of the world and are conducted according to the code of professional conduct and ethics of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia.

Attending a yOniversity event

yOnilates class at Seven Sisters Festival 2016

Laura-Doe teaches a yOnilates class at Seven Sisters Festival 2016

yOniversity workshops and sessions are currently offered in Australia and the United Kingdom. If you would like to organise a workshop in your area please contact us.

Talking to kids about sex Talking to kids about sex
Studies show that those who report having easy, open conversations about sex with mum and/or dad are more likely to delay sexual activity, have fewer partners, and use contraceptives when they do have sex. However, when parents feel discomfort, shame or embarrassment on the topic, young people are left to learn about sexuality from friends, television, music, advertisements and the internet. These sources present a skewed and at times dangerous view.
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Essential education now on video Essential education now on video
The yOniversity's new groundbreaking documentary is available now. It's jam-packed with cutting-edge information about the female body’s elegant design for pleasure, arousal and self-healing. These valuable insights will help to increase your erotic confidence and create more loving intimate relationships. This is sex education for the 20th century - accurate science-based information presented with clarity, humour - and great songs and music!
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Book a session or a workshop Book a session or a workshop
The yOniversity offers a range of “Pleasure Potential” playshops both for women who want to connect with their amazing capacity for pleasure and for men who want to support the women in their lives to do this. I also cater to personalised needs in my individual discovery sessions for men, women and couples and I have been hailed as an entertaining and informative speaker for groups. I am a member of two professional associations and work according to the code of ethics of the SSEAA
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