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Individual sessions

Laura-Doe offers individual sessions combining her unique brand of pleasure and embodiment coaching, counselling and sexological bodywork. Sessions are available worldwide via Skype or at specific locations (see below) in person. People of all sexual orientation and gender identification are catered for.  Contact us for further information or to make a session booking.

In person sessions are currently available in Oxford, UK.

Gentle Genital Trauma Release

Gentle Genital Trauma Release (GGTR) is a healing modality that Laura-Doe has developed over the past decade to gently support the release of held tension and cellular memory, creating increased genital sensation and deeper connection with our natural sexual essence. 

GGTR draws on a range of techniques, including:
• Sexological Bodywork
• Somatic Sexology
• Body Harmony
• Shamanic practices
• Genital reflexology
• Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)
• Mindfulness

The benefits include:
• Increased genital sensation
• Letting go of old body memory
• Release of stored emotion
• More sexual pleasure
• Deeper connection with our sexual essence

GGTR sessions are only available in person. Contact Laura-Doe for a free consultation to talk about whether this might be suitable for you.

The Art & Science of Female Arousal

Laura-Doe’s DVD seminar  ‘The Art & Science of Female Arousal’ is available to order online. Sign up for her e-zine to stay in the loop for online courses.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a workshop from the yOniversity program in your area.

yOnilates classes

There are no yOnilates classes currently scheduled. Contact us if you would like to arrange an introductory workshop in your area or to be kept in the loop about online options.