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Individual sessions

Laura-Doe offers individual sessions combining her unique brand of pleasure and embodiment coaching, counselling and sexological bodywork. Sessions are available worldwide via Skype or at specific locations (see below) in person. Contact us for further information or to make a session booking.

In person sessions will be available in Oxford, UK from until mid-June 2016 and Byron Bay area from August 2016.

Workshops, presentations and seminars

Laura-Doe is offering two one day workshops in London in June: The yOniversity’s flagship event Absolutely Vulvalicious and An Introduction to Gentle Genital Trauma Release

ABVULimageFemale Sexual Arousal – Absolutely Vulvalicious®
Saturday, June 4th, 2016 , Clapham, London

We are sadly undereducated about women’s physiology and the amazing structures that create pleasure and arousal in the female body. In an attempt to profit from a ‘cure’ pharmaceutical companies have introduced a ‘disease’ called female sexual dysfunction. For many people, however, it is good information about female sexual function that is all that is missing.

Absolutely Vulvalicious® is for both vulva owners and vulva lovers. Get ready for an entertaining and informative romp through the awesome hot spots of vulva anatomy and arousal… and beyond. Using the yOniversity’s sumptuous and anatomically accurate Vulvalicious® Cushions you’ll be invited to (literally) get to grips with the amazing anatomy of the vulva and to learn and practice a vulvalicious massage that, to paraphrase Annie Sprinkle, ‘will satisfy any vulva owner to their core’.

In this one-day workshop, Laura-Doe will share her wisdom and know-how in a down-to-earth, safely held learning experience. Topics covered will include:

• Female sexual anatomy
• The role of the clitoris, g-spot, anus, cervix & other arousal structures few of us even know we possess!!
• Female ejaculation
• Getting in the zone and staying there
• Differences in male and female sexual arousal trajectories
• Discovering your unique erotic make-up
• Mood – is it magic or science?

You’ll leave with an embodied understanding of how to be more tuned in, turned on and tapped in to your own or your partner’s essential pleasure pathways, as well as the benefit of this for every area of your life and, indeed, our world!

This is the yOniversity’s flagship workshop and will offer an experiential opportunity for those who desire – people with vulvas who choose may explore their own vulvalicious anatomy and couples who would like to may practice together, so come prepared to be in a space in which there will be a relaxed, yet respectful, attitude towards nudity.

Attendance can be as a pair or individual. Contact Beverley Drumm on +44 797 9934070 or beverley.drum@gmail.com to register or for more information.

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GGTRimageGentle Genital Trauma Release – An Introduction
Sunday June 5th, Clapham, London

As science helps us understand more about the capacity of the body’s tissues to store memory, the profound release that countless manual therapists have witnessed in their clients become validated. The delicate tissues of our genitals are particularly innervated and especially sensitive to storing memory, both physical and emotional. Even if these memories are not at the forefront of our minds, they remain in our bodies, holding the resonance of obvious trauma, such as sexual abuse, circumcision or childbirth, as well as less apparent dissonance, such as genital or sexual shame, or unconscious sexual encounters.

Gentle Genital Trauma Release (GGTR) is a healing modality that Laura-Doe has developed over the past decade to support the release of held tension and cellular memory, creating increased genital sensation and deeper connection with our natural sexual essence. 

GGTR draws on a range of techniques, including:
• Sexological Bodywork
• Somatic Sexology
• Body Harmony
• Shamanic practices
• Genital reflexology
• Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)
• Mindfulness

The benefits include:
• Increased genital sensation
• Release of held tension
• Letting go of old body memory
• Release of stored emotion
• More sexual pleasure
• Deeper connection with our sexual essence

This workshop is designed for therapists, bodyworkers and healers already working with sexuality or couples with prior tantric &/or personal development work, who would like to understand the possibilities of this style of healing. Contact Beverley Drumm on +44 797 9934070 or beverley.drum@gmail.com to register or for more information.

The Art & Science of Female Arousal

Laura-Doe’s DVD seminar  ‘The Art & Science of Female Arousal’ is available to order online. Sign up for her e-zine to stay in the loop for online courses.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a workshop from the yOniversity program in your area.

yOnilates classes

There are no yOnilates classes currently scheduled. Contact us if you would like to arrange an introductory workshop in your area or to be kept in the loop about online options.