Discovering Buried Pleasure

Discover the hidden jewels of your arousal anatomy. This is the yOniversity’s flagship workshop for women, an entertaining and informative half day that provides a smorgasboard of clues, a feast of tips to discovering the glorious symphony of sensual delights that women are naturally designed to experience. It presents the science of our arousal anatomy that has been systematically removed from medical textbooks since the Victorian era as well as information about our brain and nervous system that has only been discovered in the past decade.

  • Find out about the latest research into women’s anatomy that shows us exactly how we get aroused and what happens in our brain & body during orgasm.
  • Debunk the myths aboutc female ejaculation and understand the glories of the gushing Goddess.
  • Discover the amazing intelligence of the vagina and how to become orgasmic, multi orgasmic and multi-multi orgasmic.

This workshop is in a presentation format and questions are welcome but not required. It will show you how you can take full responsibility for your own pleasure, partnered or single, and exactly why it is in your best interests to do this.

Discovering Buried Pleasure is offered as part of a full day workshop called Connecting with Pleasure. See the yOniversity calendar for the next dates and venues. The Pleasure Temple in the afternoon is a nourishing treat for the senses. We will focus on non-erotic pleasure and learn practical tools to increase and magnify our experience of pleasure through all five senses. These important skills can be taken home and practiced in your erotic world both by yourself or with your lover. No nudity is involved in either of these workshops. Places are limited. For more information contact us.

“Laura-Doe presents her material in a very passionate way with such a sense of humour. She is so open and honest about her own experience and utterly uninhibited. Her vigour and vitality is contagious and I came away exhilarated. Our love life has gotten a new spark and ardour and it’s fun experimenting with new exciting sensuous and sexual activities.” KP

“I discovered a lot of things that I did not know before. I really enjoyed the course, because there were no taboo’s.” EH

Your facilitator, Laura-Doe is an experienced educator, a passionate sexual health activist and a comedienne singer/songwriter. She has been teaching for over 25 years and has trained with a number of leaders in the field of Sacred Sexuality. See her bio for more details.

If you would like to book Laura-Doe to run this workshop for your group or community please contact us here

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