The Art and Science of Female Arousal

This is the yOniversity’s flagship workshop for men who love women.

mybuttons_webMen and women are not only different physically, they are very different in the way they get aroused. But we are offered precious little education about these differences and, until recently, even less practical, accurate information. Presenting the very latest research into female anatomy and how orgasm happens in a woman’s body and nervous system, this seminar will both enlighten and inspire you whilst providing invaluable information about how to please your lover.

Guys, did you know that women are equipped with a glorious network of structures responsible for arousal and orgasm that their owners and even most medical professionals don’t know about? More than just the clitoris (much bigger than most people realise) and the g-spot, we are talking about an entire erectile network that, if suitably stimulated, can elevate her erotic experience from variable to ecstatic.

The morning consists of the material presented in our workshop for women, Discovering Buried Pleasure – The Hidden Jewels of Women’s Arousal Anatomy, in a format especially designed, and exclusively for the fellas.

Come and find out what the women in Australia and the UK have been raving about, and get an opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted answers to.

  • Discover the cutting edge research that shows us exactly how women get aroused and what happens in her brain & body during orgasm.
  • Debunk the myths about female ejaculation and find out how all women are cleverly crafted to become a gushing goddess.
  • Understand the secrets of a woman’s orgasmic, multi-orgasmic and multi-multi orgasmic potential.

Once we have understood the exact structures and pathways responsible for pleasure in a woman’s body, in the afternoon we will focus on exactly how to stimulate and engage them to the best possible effect. We will also discuss a number of phsychological arousal cues unique to women and how to navigate her particular needs and desires.

  • Discover specific techniques to awaken the pleasure zones discovered in the morning session
  • Learn the art of keeping her ‘in the zone’
  • Learn and practice a complete yoni massage (using our specially designed Vulvalicious Cushions to practice upon)
  • Get honest answers to all your burning questions about women’s arousal experience.

The Science section in the morning may be booked separately but it is a prerequisite for attendance at the Art in the afternoon.

Your facilitator, Laura-Doe is an experienced educator, a passionate sexual health activist and a comedienne singer/songwriter. She has been teaching for over 25 years and has trained extensively in the field of conscious sexuality. See her bio for more details.

“Guys …. best to learn from an owner operator I always say – a knowledgable, funny and pleasure positive lady this gal Laura ….. recommended.” Robert Grayson (workshop facilitator)

“Laura-Doe …. I urge you to hold more of these… VERY HAPPY GIRL! .. and when’s the next so I can tell every girlfriend’s husband! ” LMA – wife of a workshop participant

“Thanks for the great workshop… very educational and informative. I personally think it should become a mandatory sex education course for men.. nobody ever tells men these simple facts, which i’m sure will make for much better lovers.. more satisfied wives., and maybe even happier marriages.” MJL (IT consultant (retired)) Read more feedback.

See the yOniversity calendar for the next date and venue for this workshop. Places are limited. For more information contact us.

If you would like to book Laura-Doe to run this workshop for your group or community please contact us here or call +61 (0) 266803843