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Thanks so much for watching my interview on the Mesmerising Woman Series. I’m delighted to send you these special gifts to support you to connect with the beauty and the potency of your amazing feminine centre and generate the magnetic attraction that makes you so mesmerising.

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One of the keys we talked about in the interview is to consciously and lovingly connect with the amazing structures that make up your whole reproductive system, your yOni. I’ve developed a whole series of exercises called yOnilates that help you to do this. I’m going to be sending you the link to an introductory yOnilates class on mp3 that you can listen and follow along with at home or wherever you desire. The class includes a copy of Do the Kegel (a catchy ‘squeeze-along song that one of my Vaudeville of the Vulva characters sings) as well as some routines to use to squeeze along to the song.

yeshodaI’ll also be sending you a guided visualisation to help start creating the loving connection with your amazing yOni.

If you are interested in connecting more deeply with your body and your capacity for pleasure, in understanding your unique erotic blueprint and exponentially expanding your experience of sexual pleasure, I currently have a few places open in my personal coaching programme.

In my work with private clients for the last decade it has been a total joy to hear of the changes that are happening for them. One woman was so excited, she texted me early in the morning, to report she’d had her first ever orgasm during lovemaking with her husband of 25 years. Another client wrote this:

“I feel such a deep gratitude for the opportunity Laura-Doe’s coaching gave me to explore and learn about my own sexuality. I’ve fallen in love with myself and my body in the most beautiful way. So many areas of my life have been changed and I feel like I am closer to my true self than I have ever been before.”

If you want this kind of transformation and feel you are ready to dive deeper into your own mystery then lets talk about whether you may be a fit for this program. Contact me today on and we can set up a time for a no-obligation chat.

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