Feedback for yOniversity events

General feedback for Laura-Doe’s workshops and presentations

“Laura-Doe is an outstanding presenter of unique educational material and a very diligent researcher. Her presentations captivate her audience immediately. They are a perfect tool of improving intimate relationships.” Reinhard Freise Film Editor

“Both my husband and I attended workshops separately. We both learned an incredible amount and found her lighthearted yet intellectual, well researched, professional approach not only relaxed us but gave us a great deal of knowledge to take home and put into practice. I especially loved how she managed to address the needs and issues of the vast number of people in the course ever so tenderly & respectfully. Not to mention we all had a lot of laughs. Everyone left happily, walking on clouds or so it seemed. I highly recommend Laura-Doe, she is a master in her field.” Lynne Arnold – Feng Shui Consultant

“Laura-doe is a gorgeous lady who has the natural ability to make anyone feel comfortable in their bodies. She holds space for regenerative, fun and healing work that is mixed with good humour, sharing and accurate sex information.” Ana Snyman Pleasure Consultant

Workshops for women

“Thanks to Laura for sharing her wealth of knowledge ! Such an amazing and interesting evening. I feel like I have just discovered all these new landscapes within my own body which are waiting to be explored !’ Adriane (UK)

“Laura-Doe presents her material in a very passionate way with such a sense of humour. She is so open and honest about her own experience and utterly uninhibited. Her vigour and vitality is contagious and I came away exhilarated. Our love life has gotten a new spark and ardour and it’s fun experimenting with new exciting sensuous and sexual activities.” KP

“I found this workshop highly informative with valuable information that I was not aware of before. Laura-Doe’s presentation and her presence were great, she presented very clear information, very sensitively and respectfully, and she also made the workshop very enjoyable and loads of fun. Thank you.” Linda F

“I discovered a lot of things that I did not know before. I really enjoyed the course, because there were no taboo’s.” EH

“WOW, what and evening of feminine empowerment! and magic..” Marina (UK)

“It was totally awesome to learn about the rest of my orchestra…and there was me just playing with my fiddle!” Kim (UK)

Workshops for men

“Guys …. best to learn from an owner operator I always say – a knowledgable, funny and pleasure positive lady this gal Laura ….. recommended.” Robert Grayson – workshop facilitator

“Laura-Doe …. I urge you to hold more of these… VERY HAPPY GIRL! .. and when’s the next so I can tell every girlfriend’s husband! ” LMA – wife of a workshop participant

“Thanks for the great workshop… very educational and informative. I personally think it should become a mandatory sex education course for men. Nobody ever tells men these simple facts, which I’m sure will make for much better lovers.. more satisfied wives, and maybe even happier marriages.. :O)” MJL (IT consultant (retired))

“Congratulations on your course for men. I thought I knew quite a bit about pleasuring women. After your course, I realize that what I previously knew was just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak….” M.P. (Business owner, Brunswick Heads, NSW, Australia)

“It was nice talking to a female who was comfortable with any question, topic, and subject.” JA

“The delivery of such a sensitive subject (for some men) was non-confronting, honest and uninhibited that it set the men well at ease with not a trace of the giggle-factor so common with this type of presentation.” Savaad

“Very impressed with presenter. Did very well to present to group of, generally, very sophisticated and informed, men” MP

Absolutely Vulvalicious – a mixed version of the event held at the Celebrating Sexuality weekend

“It was an amazing learning experience to have tactile cushion, visual women in front of me and of course the whole group mind exploring in front of me. Short of owning a vulva, I learnt a lot. Thank you” Alex

“The best workshop I attended, where the presenter’s skill at inclusiveness and keeping a safe space while delivering a sensational (pun intended) session, was Absolutely Vulvalicious by Laura-Doe. The workshop was on vulva massage techniques. Laura-Doe had a number of vulva cushions, anatomically correct with labia, inner and outer, clitoris and clitoral hood, anus, and a vagina within which could be felt the internal ridges and cervix. Some people used these, and others practiced the techniques on themselves or their partner. Hand sanitiser, gloves, and lube were provided for those working on the real thing. About a quarter of the 40 or so attendees were men, some with a partner. One woman immediately got gloves and lube, lifted her skirt, removed her knickers and waited calmly for the activity. This helped set the mood of acceptance and about a third of those attending got organised to practice on themselves or a friend. After an introduction to the intricate and nerve-ending filled explanation of what was to be found, we were being taught a number of moves with fun and silly names, beginning with Pussy Petting.”

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“Laura-Doe as founder of yOniversity offers the opportunity for women of all ages to connect and celebrate with their feminine self. Laura-Doe is a caring facilitator, and her workshops are sprinkled with humour and love. yOniversity offers the opportunity for the sacred gateway of every women’s feminity to unfold and for every woman to know, understand and feel the power of pleasure.” Marie-Elise Allen

“Laura-Doe provides insight, education and understanding with humour, empathy and knowledge. She is a brilliant facilitator and educator and it is impossible to leave her space without gaining insight previously not contemplated. Having gathered a group of 20 university-educated women to sit with Laura-Doe, it is obvious that her information not only tickles the emotional aspects of women, but also feeds their intellect. I wholelheartedly recommend Laura-Doe to any learning faculty for her ability to educate with humour, candour and indepth knowledge.” Mina Hunt