Absolutely Vulvalicious

The Vulvalicious® cushions are individual fabric art pieces, handmade with love and dedication to create a beautiful, tactile and anatomically accurate representation of female genitalia. We have designed her using the latest scientific research to present some of the lesser known structures that contribute to feminine arousal and erotic pleasure. Absolutely Vulvalicious is also the name of one of our yOniversity workshops in which we use the cushions to teach vulva anatomy and massage. You can read more about the workshops here

Why have we created the Vulvalicious® Cushions?

vulvalicious_stickerThese days, almost the only place we see the vulva represented is in pornography and the images shown only represent a small percentage of the shapes and sizes that are natural amongst women. Many women feel concern about how their genitals look due to this misinformation and young men expect women to look like the airbrushed images in soft porn mags.

In schools the education tends to be anatomical and the cross section through a woman’s body that gets shown in sex ed or biology lessons is not a lot of help when you actually meet a vulva in the flesh! Furthermore the internal arousal structures in a woman’s pelvis have only recently being ‘re-discovered’ by science, having been removed from medical textbooks during the Victorian era.

The cushions are designed to address both of these issues providing a beautiful, tactile and anatomically accurate representation of both the internal and external structures of female genitalia. They were originally designed to be used in the yOniversity workshops on female arousal.

Where can I get one?

The original Vulvalicious® Cushion and her little sister the Vulvalicious® Mini, a smaller cushion with alll the internal and external anatomy designed for educational use, can both be purchased online. For more information and to purchase visit our new shop.

Tell me more!

OK – let us take you on a tour…

The vulva is the collective name for the parts of the female genitals that you can see – the inner and outer labia and the clitoris.

Under the surface of her outer labia there are two sections of erectile tissue called the vestibular bulbs. These bulbs gradually engorge as a woman gets aroused creating a delightfully snug effect at the entrance to the vagina. As they get arroused you can feel them to a degree from the outside and also internally on either side of the vagina.

Her inner labia are smooth and slippery to the touch. The sizes and shapes of both the inner and outer labia vary widely from woman to woman. Just as our faces are all different, so our labia are individual and unique, no matter what pornography censors or the fashions of the day might portray. This cushion represents a woman somewhere in the middle of the spectrum in terms of lip size and fullness.

Another area of great variety is the clitoral hood. The clitoral hood on the cushions mostly covers her clitoris. In some women it would be shorter with the clitoris more exposed and in some women the clitoris would be hidden much further back under the hood. The clitoris has a wonderfully sensitive tip (or glans), a short shaft that reaches back towards the pubic bone and two long legs (or crura) that bend down like a wishbone, lying outside the vestibular bulbs, all the way along the opening of the vagina. All the tissue of the clitoris is deliciously sensitive and also swells delightfully on arousal.

Entering sacred space

The cushions are intricately detailed internally as well as externally. The vagina is the canal that goes from the vulva to the cervix, the entrance to the womb. The vagina of the Vulvalicious Cushion is made of pure silk. On the upper wall you can feel the soft ridges of the G-spot or female prostate. This is another area that varies in shape and location. In the majority of women it is most prominent at the entrance to the vagina but it can be much further back. The glands of the female prostate are the source of female ejaculate. This tissue will also engorge when suitably stimulated and can feel extremely pleasurable. A little further into the vagina you can feel the cervix. The position of the cervix varies not only from woman to woman but from day to day. This one is more forward than the average, but we wanted you to be able to reach it comfortably! Through the lower wall of the vagina you can feel the perineal sponge – another area of erectile tissue with further potential for delicious sensation. Also depicted on the cushion are the urethra, and the two sets of glands responsible for lubrication.

The perineum and anus are also represented, areas whose pleasure quotient are often ignored.

Each Vulvalicious Cushion is unique, hand made from the highest quality fabrics & stuffed with 100% recycled PET fibre derived from plastic bottles. They are approximately 40×40 cm (16×16 inches). Although it is always good practice to touch delicate areas with clean hands, the outer cover of your Vulvalicious Cushion has a hidden zip so that it may be removed. We recommend dry cleaning only!

To see the cushions we currently have available for purchase online head on over to our shop.

Her little sister, the Vulvalicious Mini, has all the internal and external vulva anatomy in a smaller, more affordable cushion. The Vulvalicious Mini’s are handmade for us by a women’s co-operative in Bali.