yOnilates – Pelvic floor and yOni empowerment classes

yOnilates® is a simple series of exercises designed to help you awaken, isolate and tone the marvelous orchestra of muscles of your pelvis. Pelvic floor fitness is considered by experts to be essential for a woman’s life long physical, sexual and emotional health. Exercising this crucial area of the body should really be something that is taught in high school.
Many of us also find it difficult to talk about, ‘own’ or experience our genitals and reproductive cycles which cuts us off from the major source of our creative life force energy and a fundamental place of connection with ourselves. Moving from whatever degree of genital shame and discomfort we have picked up from our culture to fully-fledged delight in our glorious, sensual, feminine selves is a potent journey for every woman. In traveling my own version of this journey and supporting other women along theirs I have put together a series of practices that I call yOnilates.

Designed to help you awaken, isolate and tone the marvelous orchestra of muscles of your pelvis, the practice of yOnilates also invites you to connect with the subtle energies of your creative cauldron, to release any stuck energy and emotions and to tune into the strength & wisdom stored in your core. yOnilates® offers a range of juicy practices that facilitate a deeper connection with this richly innervated area of the body. You will discover and begin to isolate the muscles that surround the core of your femininity as well as increasing blood flow and sensitivity.

Contact us if you would like to arrange an introductory workshop in your area. More details about the classes available at yOnilates.com

CURRENT TIMETABLE: Laura-Doe is overseas so there are no yOnilates® classes available currently