The yOniversity workshop programme

Laura-Doe offers the following workshops in the yOniversity programme. Click on the title to see a description of each event. Check the calendar to see the events that are currently scheduled or gather a group together and organise your own! Laura-Doe is happy to travel to your area to facilitate. You will require a minimum of 6 participants (depending on travel and accomodation costs). Contact us for further details.

Workshop topics

Unless otherwise stated these workshops may be run as evening, half or full day events. Weekend or longer workshops can be created from a combination of topics to suit your particular audience or requirements. Cllick on the title for more information.

Connect with Your Pleasure – Arousal Anatomy for Women (the yOniversity flagship workshop for women)
Female Arousal – the Science and the Art – for Men (the yOniversity flagship workshop for men)
Absolutely Vulvalicious® (mixed, couples or single gender groups)
Vulvatalk (just for those with vulvas)
yOnilates® (just for women )
Loving yOni ~ loving yOu (women only)
Menopause: from Myth to Magic (for women only)
The Pleasure Temple (women only)
The Pleasure Programme (women only or mixed)
Connecting through touch (couples and singles)
Connecting through breath (all genders)
Mindful Pleasure – Create your own pleasure practice (all genders)
Pleasure Power ( for teenage girls)
Sex after Baby (for new mums

Talk/presentation topics

Pleasure as a Productivity Tool – popular with networking groups
Don’t let you child’s sex education come from music videos and porn! – an essential talk for parents
The Vulva Taboo
And Then There Were Three – Sex After Baby
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Workshop descriptions

Absolutely Vulvalicious® (mixed, couples or single gender groups)
We are sadly undereducated about women’s physiology and the amazing structures that create pleasure and arousal in the female body. In an attempt to profit from a ‘cure’ pharmaceutical companies have introduced a ‘disease’ called female sexual dysfunction. For many people, however, it is good information about female sexual function that is all that is missing.
Absolutely Vulvalicious®, for both vulva owners and vulva lovers, provides an entertaining and informative romp through the awesome hot spots of vulva anatomy and arousal… and beyond. Using the yOniversity’s sumptuous and anatomically accurate Vulvalicious® Cushions you’ll be invited to (literally) get to grips with the amazing anatomy of the vulva and to learn and practice a vulvalicious massage that, to paraphrase Annie Sprinkle, ‘will satisfy any vulva owner to their core’. And all without any of the complications inherent in getting up close and personal with a live vulva!
Where the workshop environment is appropriate, ladies who choose may explore their own vulvalicious anatomy and couples who would like to may practice together.
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yOnilates® (women only)

yOnilates is a simple series of exercises designed to help you awaken, isolate and tone the marvelous orchestra of muscles of your pelvis. The first time anyone discussed pelvic floor health with me was when I became pregnant in my thirties. But pelvic floor fitness is considered by experts to be essential for a woman’s life long physical, sexual and emotional health. Exercising this crucial area of the body should really be something that is taught in high school.
Many of us also find it difficult to talk about, ‘own’ or experience our genitals and reproductive cycles which cuts us off from the major source of our creative life force energy and a fundamental place of connection with ourselves. Moving from whatever degree of genital shame and discomfort we have picked up from our culture to fully-fledged delight in our glorious, sensual, feminine selves is a potent journey for every woman. In traveling my own version of this journey and supporting other women along theirs I have put together a series of practices that I call yOnilates. Designed to help you awaken, isolate and tone the marvelous orchestra of muscles of your pelvis, the practice of yOnilates also invites you to connect with the subtle energies of your creative cauldron, to release any stuck energy and emotions and to tune into the strength & wisdom stored in your core.
yOnilates offers a range of juicy practices that facilitate a deeper connection with this richly innervated area of the body. You will discover and begin to isolate the muscles that surround the core of your femininity as well as increasing blood flow and sensitivity.
More details about yOnilates classes and the current schedule in the Byron Bay area are available at

Menopause: from Myth to Magic

Menopause is a powerful rite of passage that presents us with both the challenge and the opportunity of change. Certainly as you get older, it can take longer to get aroused for both men and women, but one of the beauties of the teachings I will share with you is that slowing down is an advantage when it comes to better sex.
We will be looking at the myths that create so much fear of this time, what we can do to help us move through this transition with ease, and how is it that some women discover a new lease of life, direction and empowerment.
There is a wealth of scientific understanding that what you believe is often what you get. So lets get to know the real possibilities, the gifts and gems of this special time, discovering new and ancient women’s wisdom and practical exercises and practices that will support you to feel alive, connected and delicious in your body.

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The Pleasure Programme (women only or mixed)

Pleasure is healthy! Feeling good makes us happier, more alive, and gives us energy to fuel our days. It has been proven to relieve stress, reduce pain and boost the immune system.
The more I read and research and the more I explore my own experiences of pleasure and work with others on theirs, the more excited I become by incredible potency of pleasure as a tool for health and well being. I am also saddened by the extent to which we have been estranged from this beautiful natural gift for healing, relaxation, empowerment and connection.

The Pleasure Programme offers an entertaining overview of how and why pleasure is important and practical exercises to support you to cultivate and expand your individual experiences of delight through all the senses. We will look at how each of us differs in our capacity for pleasure and how we can practice to increase this. You will learn a range of techniques that can be used on a daily basis to increase your pleasure quotient. The workshop focuses on non-erotic pleasure and requires no nudity. However the techniques taught can be translated very effectively to enhance pleasure in your intimate life.
This programme is also available as a 5 or 6 session course or a long weekend or 5-7 day retreat. In this profound work we will focused in deeply on each one of our five senses.

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Loving yOni ~ loving yOu

The more a woman knows and connects with her body, particularly her yOni, the more she loves it, feels comfortable and opens up to it, the more she experiences the pleasure, the power, the creativity and the absolute deliciousness of being a woman.  Loving yOni ~ loving yOu is a one day tantric experience for women – an opportunity to allow a profound connection with your yOni, your divine feminine essence through a yOni gazing ritual. This workshop is only for women who feel comfortable with nudity of other women.
We’ll start the day making sure we’re up to date with the map of our pleasure zones by going on a guided tour of my awesome anatomically accurate Vulvalicious Cushions. Then to make an embodied connection with the amazing muscles of your pelvic team we’ll get on down and squeezy with a quick yOnilates session.
After lunch we’ll prepare ourselves to enter into sacred space. In the safety of the circle we’ll explore any shadows that may be distorting our vision. By bringing into the light these faces of shame, guilt or discomfort around our sex and offering them up for transformation we create space to open up fully and meet our shakti essence. The yOni gazing ceremony or puja is the culmination of the day. It will be a beautiful opportunity to recognise the intimate face of the goddess, to gaze on the divinity of yOni, the gateway to the cosmos.

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Connecting through touch (couples and singles)

Discover the different types of touch and rediscover the magic of connecting through your feeling sense. This workshop could transform your relationship and help you regain the wonder of the first time you touched your partner. Give and receive touch in a safe environment. Practice tuning in to the nuances of how you want to connect – create comfortable boundaries and explore how saying no can allow you to find your yes. Learn to tune into the type of touch you really want and decide clearly what you want to give or receive. Empower yourself to create boundaries that serve you and discover new depths of intimacy with yourself and others. Participants remain fully clothed.

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Connecting through breath (all genders)

Breath is life. We know this to be a fundamental truth and yet we’re a race of shallow breathers seemingly terrified to fully inspire ourselves with life giving prana. Many of us learnt to hold our breath in childhood – afraid to make noise or draw attention to our abundance life force. There is something unseemly, it appears, about taking huge energising breaths in our daily lives. The breath draws our attention into the body so it’s a very good medium for connecting with our own sensuality and that of another. Maybe that’s why we don’t breathe much. If we spent more time connecting sensually with ourselves and others we wouldn’t want to spend nearly enough to keep the capitalist society afloat!
In this workshop we will explore a range of powerful breathing techniques and discover our amazing ability to regulate our energy with different types of breath. We will explore tuning in to the other through breath, synchronising our subtle energies and connecting on a deep level.

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Mindful Pleasure – Create your own pleasure practice (all genders)

Research shows us that regular practice of mindful awareness (or meditation) creates permanent beneficial changes in the very structure of our brains. But mindful awareness practice may take many other forms than traditional contemplation. Orgasmic yoga is one of the modalities used by Sexological Bodyworkers to assist people to get in touch with their sensual, erotic selves. In Mindful Pleasure we will combine the benefits of mindful awareness with those of becoming deeply connected to your body. You will be supported in creating and refining an empowering practice that really works for you.

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Pleasure Power – for teenage girls

Specifically for young women in their teens and early twenties, Pleasure Power is packed with fascinating, practical information about how women’s bodies are naturally designed to experience pleasure and why it is so important and so empowering to fully understand our pleasure capacity. It offers a ‘map’ of how your body works and some amazing things that you are capable of experiencing. ??You’ll find out about the latest research that shows us exactly what happens in our brain & body when we get turned on, discover the truth about the g-­spot and ejaculation and discuss some of the myths about female arousal and how it differs so dramatically from arousal in men. Your will learn how to take responsibility for your own pleasure and why it is in your best interests to do so. I’ve personally found the information I’m presenting to be enormously empowering and so have the women I have taught it to. Many of us have said ‘ I wish I had know this when I was younger’ so I’m delighted to offer this course especially for young women. It’ll be fun, informal and enlightening. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions if you’d like to but no pressure at all to speak if you’d prefer not to.
I discovered a lot of things that I did not know before. I really enjoyed the course, because there were no taboos.” EH (21)

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Sex after Baby (for new mums)

Discover the facts about a woman’s changing libido post-childbirth and learn how to reconnect with yourself as a sexual being and help cushion the impact a baby can have on your intimate relationship with your partner. Invest in yourselves. This is the kind of event that will improve, maintain and even save relationships!

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Don’t let Porn be your Teens Sex Ed – an essential talk for parents
Teens often name their parents as the biggest influence in their decisions about sexual behaviour. Studies show that those who report having easy, open conversations about sex with mum and/or dad are more likely to delay sexual activity, have fewer partners, and use contraceptives when they do have sex. However, when parents feel discomfort, shame or embarrassment on the topic, young people are left to learn about sexuality from friends, television, music, advertisements and the internet. These sources present a skewed and at times dangerous view.
In this important talk, Laura-Doe, will discuss the issues involved and offer suggestions about how to deal with them. Read more here.

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