The Pleasure Temple

Treat yourself to a delicious, nurturing afternoon at the yOniversity ‘Pleasure Temple’. Pleasure is healthy. It makes us feel happier, more alive, and gives us energy to fuel our days. Pleasure can result from a wide range of stimuli; beautiful images, delicious food, a loving connection, sensitive touch or a relaxing bath. Whatever the source we experience pleasure as a bodily sensation that quite literally opens and relaxes us. Come and explore what pleasure is for you, learn the health benefits of cultivating pleasure in your life and how to enhance and magnify your individual experience of pleasure. You deserve it!

Your facilitator, Laura-Doe is an experienced educator, a passionate sexual health activist and a comedienne singer/songwriter. She has been teaching for over 25 years and has trained with a number of leaders in the field of Sacred Sexuality. See her bio for more details.

The Pleasure Temple is part of a series of workshops called The Power of Pleasure, designed to empower women to become fully connected with their glorious sensual bodies and to cultivate their life-force energy. No nudity is required but women sometimes prefer to remove some clothing in this event so that their ‘handmaidens’ can massage them when it is their turn to be pampered. There is absolutely no requirement to do so and each women will spend time clarifying what she would like and what she does and doesn’t feel comfortable with.

See the yOniversity calendar for workshops currently scheduled. If you would like to book Laura-Doe to run this workshop for your group or community please contact us here or call +61(0)266803843.

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