Vulvatalk – Connecting with the Source

Vulvatalk offers the opportunity to explore and renew your relationship with your sexual essence, your yoni in a safe women-only circle. No nudity is involved. We will use vulva puppets, art, voice dialogue and group process to connect with that miraculous part of our body which determines our femininity and is the source of incredible creativity and pleasure.

SheelaKilRespect for the Vulva as the portal between the worlds was widespread in ancient times. Sheila na Gigs (or Sheelah-na-Gigs – see image) are figurative carvings of naked women displaying an exaggerated vulva. They are found on churches, castles and other buildings, particularly in Ireland and Britain.

“The obvious life-giving and growth-promoting powers of the vulva and its secretions have given rise to a widespread use of representations of the female genitalia as apotropaic (intended to “ward off evil”) devices. …. Encyclopedia of Religion (Eliade, Mircea. (Editor),1987)

Today, however, a lot of women’s issues can be traced to a lack of comfort, a feeling of ‘not rightness’ and sometimes complete disassociation from the central core of our femininity, the yoni. At the yOniversity we believe that it is of the utmost importance to investigate and work towards healing any disempowering attitudes we have had foisted onto us about our glorious and sacred feminine parts. By doing so women report feeling better about themselves, increasing self-esteem, reducing depression and creating more respect for the feminine in our society.

Your facilitator, Laura-Doe is an experienced educator, a passionate sexual health activist and a comedienne singer/songwriter. She has been teaching for over 25 years and has trained with a number of leaders in the field of Sacred Sexuality. See her bio for more details.

Vulvatalk – Connecting with the Source is part of a series of workshops called The Power of Pleasure, designed to empower women to become fully connected with the glorious sensual bodies that we inhabit. See the yOniversity calendar for the next date for this workshop .

If you would like to book Laura-Doe to run this workshop for your group or community please contact us here or call +61(0)266803843

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